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Objective: Long term improvement of soil structure

Select a case study from the table below. Documents are in the Adobe PDF format.

Category Case Study Soil type Keywords
Minimum tillage Study 12.  Min-till with residue incorporation benefits soils in large enterprise Light, medium and heavy Arable, cereals, sugar beet, minimum tillage, min till, reduced cultivation, straw incorporation, light soil, medium soil, heavy soil
Study 19.  Mixed arable, beef and sheep with short-term rotational grass leys, consistent application of FYM and sewage sludge Light to medium Mixed, arable, beef, sheep, sewage sludge, biosolids, FYM, poultry muck, turkey, residue incorporation, light soil, medium soil
Study 28.  Minimum tillage with imported poultry litter and rotational fallow Medium to heavy Arable, cereals, potatoes, poultry manure, minimum tillage, min till, reduced tillage, medium soil, heavy soil
No Tillage Study 25.  Potato growing in min-till rotations with straw incorporation and manure trading Light to medium Arable, cereals, straw incorporation, potatoes, minimum tillage, min till, reduced tillage, FYM, poultry muck, medium soil
Study 23.  Zero tillage combinable cropping improves soil within 3 years Medium to heavy Arable, cereals, zero tillage, no till, medium soils
Study 24.  Zero tillage direct drilling improves soils in a mixed farm Light to medium Arable, cereals, zero tillage, no till, light soils, stony soils, medium soils
Study 26.  Transition from min-till to zero-till with use of manures and controlled trafficking Medium to heavy Arable, cereals, zero tillage, no till, controlled trafficking, trash, medium soil, heavy soil
Minimum tillage Study 30.  Targeted use of manures benefits arable yields and improves soil structures  LIght to medium Mixed, light soils, slurry, crop rotation, rotational maize, FYM, reduced cultivation, cereals, maize, dairy, beef
Study 31.  Ex-potato land improved with organic manures, crop rotations and reduced cultivation Light to medium Mixed, potatoes, beef, FYM, oilseed rape, crop residues, reduced cultivation, cereals, maize, improved rotations
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